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Making Faces Kindergarten Activity

Let’s Make Faces!

Have you ever looked at a car, or a house, or even your breakfast and seen a face looking back at you? There are faces hiding everywhere! The making faces activity gives our children the opportunity to recognise and better identify emotions. For this activity you will need to collect items from around the house that you think will make a good face. Buttons and bottle caps for eyes? A banana for a mouth? A broom for hair?

When you’re ready, it’s time to get creative. Who can find the best items and make the funniest face? Let’s try to make a face that looks like someone we know. Mummy, Daddy, or even Kru Jade. Explore with making different emotions on your own face. Can you make a happy, sad, or angry face? You can also practice drawing different types of faces on paper. Is this face happy or sad?

Our making faces activity is inspired by the book “Let’s Make Faces” by Hanoch Piven.

What they learn

The making faces activity introduces new emotions and helps with recognising different emotions. It also encourages the use of imagination and critical thinking skills.


This activity is suitable for ages 2 years and above.