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Shadow Play Kindergarten Activity

Shadow Play

For this activity you will need a light source (flash light, lamp, iPhone torch) and objects to create interesting shadows (toys, fruits, cutlery, a wicker basket, fingers). Make sure to involve your child with the preparation as well as the activity to encourage their independence. Let them choose the objects, turn off the lights, and close the curtains. Use the torch to create shadows and ask questions to increase your child’s interest and attention. Let them hold the light to move it closer and further away.

Which shape makes the best shadow? Which shapes look the same? Does the shadow get bigger or smaller as you move it closer to the light? What story do the shadows tell?

This activity works well even when used as an unstructured play activity. Children can take their story in any direction and build on their own ideas at their own pace.

What they learn

Shadow play encourages creative thinking, storytelling skills, and a strong imagination. Storytelling has an important role in expressing and understanding emotions.


This activity is suitable for ages 18 months and above.