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Save the Animals Kindergarten Activity

Save the Animals – Activity for Children

All of our toy animals have been frozen into ice cubes! They need our help!

Freeze your animals using an ice cube tray for smaller toys or try combining a few toys into a larger container to create a bigger ice block. Gather your emergency rescue tools such as a paintbrush, a spoon, some warm water, a toy chisel and a wooden block or toy hammer. Experiment to find the best tool for the job. Try tapping the chisel with a wooden block (watch out for your fingers!) or paint the ice using the warm water and watch it melt.

What they learn

The save the animals activity is a fun way to explore scientific as well as critical thinking skills and problem solving skills. It can also by used to introduce new sensory concepts such as hot, cold, wet, and dry.


This activity is suitable for ages 18 months and above.