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Nature Creations Kindergarten Activity

Nature Creations – Activity for Children

For this activity you can use items such as leaves, twigs, or rocks. If you have a garden or outdoor area for your children to safely explore they can help to collect these items. If not, let them explore indoors and try to find the parts of nature we already keep in our homes such as houseplants or decorative rocks and gems. But don’t forget to wash your hands and any items you find outside!

Nature Creations Kindergarten Activity

Once you have collected your items you can begin to explore and create. Try categorising by size, shape, weight, or colour. Can you create an image using your objects? How do they feel? Rough, smooth, hard, or soft? What does each item represent? Perhaps the largest rock is daddy and he is fighting a dragon made of twigs.

This activity also allows our children to become comfortable and familiar with new textures which is an important part of them learning about the world and can also help with the introduction of new food textures.

What they learn

The Nature Creations activity teaches children to explore the world of nature in terms of math, science, and art. Ask questions while you create art together to introduce the new texture vocabulary which will help to improve the way your child understands and expresses themselves through language. Helping them to narrate their art and creations gives us an insight into their minds when they cannot always find the words to explain themselves.


This activity is suitable for ages 3 years and above.