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A Day at Sprouts

Every day begins and ends with free play, so the children learn to make up their own minds and explore their intrinsic interests.

After free play, we invite your child to join the morning circle, sing songs, read in books and create art. Some days we explore Lumpini Park together.

In between play and activities, we eat healthy food and learn essential new habits that help us to be clean, organized and polite among others.

sprouts bilingual kindergarten teacher


08:00 Free Play
09:00 Gathering in the Garden
09:30 Morning Snack
10:00 Circle Time
10:30 Exploring the World
11:30 Healthy Habits
11:45 Homemade Lunch
12:30 Rest / Pick-up
14:15 Practising Independence
14:45 Reflection
15:00 Free Play
15:30 Pick-up

Baking Pizza in the Kindergarten Bangkok

Food & Nutrition

A healthy diet is the fuel of your child’s life and establishes the foundation for future eating habits. We prepare and serve a balanced, predominantly organic, plant-based menu in accordance with the recommendations of Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health. Once a week, our children even have the opportunity to create their own pizzas using colorful and delicious vegetables.

Immersive Bilingual Learning

Early Childhood Development

Our immersive bilingual English/Thai program allows children to learn a second language during a time when their brain is most receptive for language development (see graph). To ensure high-quality teaching, our program is based on the principle of ‘One Teacher, One Language’.

  • Children learn two languages
  • Children develop an international mindset
  • Children built a strong language foundation
  • Children learn to switch fast between languages, which increases a cognitive flexibility, a core Executive Function

Read further research about the benefits of early childhood language learning

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