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Mika at Sprouts learns English and Thai.

Benefits of Bilingual Kindergarten

Children that learn a second language in their first years have a head start in language development that lasts a lifetime. Solid research in neuroscience and brain development shows that young children are geniuses at acquiring a second language, especially in the early 2-3 years of life.

Nothing illustrates this as well as the breakthrough work of Harvard University professor Pat Levitt on brain development. Levitt and his colleagues showed that the rate of synapse formation associated with language is highest in the first 3 years of life. See graph:

Bilingual Education at Sprouts 

At Sprouts, we strongly focus on immersive bilingual early learning so that children grow up speaking English and Thai fluently, effortlessly and with confidence. We believe that this gives the children a head-start in their linguistic abilities, language awareness, and multicultural awareness. Our native Thai-speaking teachers and our native English-speaking teachers work and speak with the children in their respective mother tongue (“One person – One language”).

In this way every child gets fully immersed in two languages – all day and every day. The children get better at their own familiar language and learn the melody and vocabulary of the 2nd language in a playful and fun way through songs, poems, scientific exploration, art, games as well as specific activities that foster the development of English and Thai. For children at Sprouts, there is no need for special language instruction.


Benefits of Sprouts Immersive Bilingual Learning

  • Children learn to speak two languages simultaneously and enjoy it
  • Children build a solid foundation for all future language learning
  • Children learn to switch quickly between two languages, which boosts cognitive flexibility
  • Children learn to see and value Thai and foreigner teachers as equals, which means  they also learn to value other students and themselves as equals.


The Linguistic Genius of Babies

A fascinating TED talk with Patricia Kuhl of the Institute for Brain and Learning Sciences at the University of Washington.


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